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Welcome to it's Learning 365.  This website is dedicated to providing computer science resources for teachers of the new computer science curriculum.

This site bring you thousands of computer science resources for the new Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level computer science curriculum.  The site is updated all the time with new computer science resources, lesson plans, activities and revision ideas for you to access and use in your classroom.

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Computer Science Resources

Computer Science Resources

Computer Science Resources

Computer Science Resources

We know how busy teachers are.  We will provide a complete set of Computer Science Resources for your students at a cost-effective price. All our Computer Science resources are organised to help you find exactly what you need.  A student login gives your learners access to hundreds of revision pages, activities and games. With one school subscription, all your teachers and students can have access 24/7. This website is constantly updated with new lesson notes, revision sites, activities and interactive PowerPoints.


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Latest News ...


3rd April 2017

NEW ECDL Improving Productivity COUNTIF Function mini web pages added

COMING SOON Computer Science HTML and CSS learner mini web pages

6th April 2017

UPDATED Teddy Friends ECDL Mock

NEW HTML, RGB and Hex Color Picker for Year 7 HTML Computer Science Projects

7th April 2017

UPDATED ECDL Improving Productivity Embedding Objects mini website

24th April 2017

Updates to the website completed and integration to Google Drive added to Mini Web Revision Pages

New Mini website on Cyber Security added to 9-1 Computer Science

NEW CSS coding tutorials added to 9-1 Computer Science

 2nd May 2017

NEW  Eight new GCSE Computer Science revision pages on von Neumann Architecture added to Computer Science

NEW CS Bits revision topics added to 9 - 1 Computer Science

3rd May 2017

UPDATE Advice and help article for Chrome Users if you are seeing an error message when using the TryIT Editor.  Read the full article here.

9th May 2017

NEW Emoji Exit Ticket added to Starters and Plenaries in the Free Stuff section.

11th May 2017

NEW article on 52 Revision Ideas published to help you plan engaging computer science revision lessons.  Read the full article here.

12th May 2017

UPDATED Guidance on using the LiveWeb addin for PowerPoint.  You can read the guidance notes here.

NEW Computer Science revision resources and added to the Free Stuff section.

15th May 2017

NEW GCSE Computer Science lessons on the CPU, Fetch-Execute Cycle and CPU Performance added to GCSE Computer Science library

23rd May 2017

UPDATED Troubleshooting Guide for using PowerPoint presentation.  Read the full guide here.

NEW lessons added to the Computer Science Networking section - Network Performance, Network Hardware, Client Server & Peer-to-Peer and Mac & IP Addresses

New Four new GCSE Computer Science revision activities added

UPDATED 84 Revision Exam Questions for GCSE Computer Science!

7th June 2017

NEW Three new GCSE Computer Science lessons added on network security and encryption

15th June 2017

NEW Five new GCSE Computer Science lessons uploaded on the Legal, Social, Cultural and Environmental impact of technology

19th June 2017

New GCSE Computer Science lesson added on Data Compression Algorithms

27th June 2017

New GCSE Computer Science lessons added on problem solving, structured design and testing 

4th July 2017

NEW 20 new GCSE Computer Science lessons and learner activities covering iteration, variables, constants, select case and variable assignment

6th July 017

NEW Six new lesson presentation and practice programming tasks on loops and iterations added to GCSE Computer Science

11 July 2017

NEW Pseudocode guidance booklets for learners available to download from our Free Stuff section


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