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20th March 2017 COMING SOON : Btec First Information & Creative Technology Unit 1 (The Digital World) lesson resources and revision mini web pages
24th March 2017 New ECDL mock assessments and homework tasks added for the Spreadsheet and PowerPoint units
25th March 2017 New Pioneers of Computer Science Posters added in the Free Stuff section.  
26th March 2017 New Computer Science lesson resources on Von Neumann Architecture added
27th March 2017

New lesson resources for Operating Systems added to computer science teaching resources

New Software Classification lesson PowerPoint and learner activities added

Updated Embedded Systems lesson PowerPoint for computer science

NEW log in page available at as well as

28th March 2017

DOWNLOAD your Single Sign In file and instructions to add to learner desktop or start menu from here

NEW Btec Information & Creative Technology lesson resources added on writing and understanding HTML code

NEW ECDL Word Processing mock assessments added

29th March 2017

NEW ECDL Word Processing homework tasks on tabs and indents added

NEW Catchphrase starter and plenary ideas uploaded

30th March 2017

NEW content added.  Writing a formal letter mini web page for ECDL Improving Productivity

3rd April 2017

NEW ECDL Improving Productivity COUNTIF Function mini web pages added

COMING SOON Computer Science HTML and CSS learner mini web pages

6th April 2017

UPDATED Teddy Friends ECDL Mock

NEW HTML, RGB and Hex Color Picker for Year 7 HTML Computer Science Projects

7th April 2017

UPDATED ECDL Improving Productivity Embedding Objects mini website


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