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GCSE Computer Science

Welcome to it's Learning 365.  This website is dedicated to providing free computer science resources for teachers and students.

My name is Steve and I am Head of Faculty for Business and Computer Science Pathfinder Schools Trust in Northamptonshire.  I created this site a few years ago as a revision resource for my students.  It now included resources, lesson plans, revision notes and game for Key Stage 3 and 4 computer science.

I keep the site updated as often as I can.  All the materials on the site I use with my classes and I update it and change the content based on their feedback.  

Anyone is free to use this site and the materials stored on it.  All you need to do is create a free account using your school or college email address.  If you are a teacher and you would like access to the lesson plans part of the site, drop me an email ( after you have created your account and I will give you access.

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Latest News and Updated

26 September 2018

 UPDATED GCSE Computer Science revision pages on von Neumann Architecture and Systems Architecture

 NEW Binary revision game added to the Free Stuff section

31 December 2018

 UPDATED Year 8 Python mini web site

 UPDATED Year 8 Logic Gates mini web site

18 February 2019  UPDATED Representing data mini web content
26 February 2019  UPDATED Year 8 IT's Logical mini web content
26 April 2019  NEW E-Safety units added to Year 7 and Year 8 (Year 7 Mobile Apps and Year 8 Do You Know Who is Reading)
 NEW App design unit added to Year 7
 3 May 2019  UPDATED Teaching resources for Year 7 Build an App
 UPDATED Teaching resources for Year 7 E-Safety Are You Old Enough?
 15 May 2019  NEW Year 7 micro:bit projects mini websites and teaching resources
 3 June 2019  UPDATED  Year 7 History of Apps.  New activities added.
 8 June 2019  UPDATED login services at 
 12 June 2019  UPDATED Year 7 Cryptography now includes a Scratch Enigma Machine algorithm project
 14 June 2019  UPDATED Year 7 Files and Folders mini website and teaching resources
 21 June 2019  UPDATED Year 7 von Neumann Architecture teaching resources
 UPDATED Year 7 Little Man Computer teaching resources 
 4th July 2019  NEW Year 9 Python lessons covering calculations, operators, string manipulation, dates and times and external files and includes an end of unit Hangman game assessment
 NEW : Year 9 Python coding mini web site
 6th July 2019  UPDATED : Homepage navigation options
 8th July 2019  UPDATED : Year 7 micro:bit projects.  Two new projects added - Hogwarts Sorting Hat and Salute
 17th September 2019  NEW : Three new classroom posters added to the Free Stuff section
 7th October 2019  NEW : Six new black history month computer pioneers added to the Free Stuff section
 18th October 2019  NEW : Interactive Trace Table for testing algorithms added to the Free Stuff Section
 21st October 2019  UPDATED : Learner self enrollment enabled for all Key Stage 3 mini websites
 13th November 2019  UPDATED : GCSE revision mini web pages on computer systems, von Neumann architecture, memory, the CPU, secondary storage and FDE cycle
 15th November 2019 UPDATED : GCSE revision mini web pages on protocols and layers 

Find out what's new, what we are working on and what is in the pipeline.  We are always creating new teaching and revision resources and updating this site.  Click on the Updates button below to see what we have been working on.