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BBC Click :: Game Playing Robot Admits Mistakes

BBC Click’s Kitty Knowles looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week including:

  • The UK government rules Chinese firm Huawei will be allowed to be used in non-sensitive areas of the country’s 5G mobile network
  • Yale University develops a game-playing robot capable of admitting its mistakes to help humans communicate better
  • Weather data helps to create 3D-printed sweets in Japan


BBC News : Robot Mimics Human Eye Contact

A robot has been programmed to mimic human eye contact.  See the video here.



Computer Science

Only 8% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest only exists on computers.


Computer Science

The worst breach of U.S. military computers in history happened when someone picked up a memory stick they found in the car park and plugged it into their computer, which was attached to United States Central Command.

Computer USB Memory Stick

Computer Science

The Motion Picture Academy refused to nominate Tron (1982) for a special-effects award because, according to director Steven Lisberger, “The Academy thought we cheated by using computers”


Computer Science

Mary Kenneth Keller, the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science in the United States also earned a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Physics, helped develop computer programming languages and she was a Catholic nun.

Computer Science

John Lasseter (CEO of Pixar) was fired from Disney for promoting computer animation.

Pixar Movie

Computer Science

40-55% of all Wikipedia vandalism is caught by a single computer program with 90% accuracy.


Computer Science

In 1936, the Russians made a computer that ran on water. 

Water Powered Computer

Computer Science

Alan Turing the father of computer science, artificial intelligence and who helped break German WW2 cyphers, committed suicide after being forced to undergo hormonal treatment for homosexuality and barred from continuing his cryptographic work.

Alan Turing

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