The Life of John Von Neumann

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John Von Neumann was a mathematician and physicist.  He was born in Hungary in 1903 and died in 1957 in Washington DC.

John Von Neumann


In 1945 Von Neumann demonstrated that any computer could have a simple, fixed structure, and would be able to carryout any kind of task as long as it was programmed correctly.

Previous computers (like the Bombe which was designed and built by Alan Turing)  needed to be specially built and could only perform one task.


Here is a short video about the life of John Von Neumann.

Video  The Life of Jon von Neumann


The Von Neumann Architecture is a design that all modern computers - including smartphones and tablets, follow.  His computer design includes ...

  • A processing unit
  • Separate storage for instructions and data

Modern computers that use the Von Neumann Architecture are sometimes called Stored-Program Computers.


You can see a short interview with John Von Neumann by clicking on the link below.

Video  John von Neumann Interview

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