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LO5 :: To be able to select and present information in the development of the solution to meet an identified need
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Before you convert a list or text to a table, make sure that your data is formatted correctly. Here are a few tips:

On the menu click on Home and the Show/Hide command Word Processing.

Word Processing

You will now be able to see the tab and paragraph markers in your document.

Use the tab key Word Processingto show where there is a break between each column in the table.   Press the enter key Word Processingto start a new line in the table.

Your text should look something like this ...

Word Processing


Now you can create your table.  Select the text that you want to convert to a table.

Click on Insert and Table from the menu.

From the drop-down menu select Convert Text to Table.

Word Processing

Check the number of columns and rows needed in the table - in this case the table needs five columns and six rows.

Under the Auto Fit Behavior heading check the Fixed Column Width option and make sure it is set to Auto.

Under the Separate Text At heading, make sure the Tab option is selected.

Word Processing

Click on OK.

Your document will look like this ...

Word Processing


Watch this video tutorial on converting text into a table.


Now have a go at completing this practical activity.

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