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LO5 :: To be able to select and present information in the development of the solution to meet an identified need
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To import a text file into a word processor document, click on the Insert tab and find the Text options group of commands.

From the Text options group, click on Object and then Text from File.

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When you click on Text from File, the Insert File dialogue box appears on your screen.

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Navigate to your where you saved your text file to. Click on the text file you want to import to select it.

If you can't see this file, click the drop-down list to the right of the File name textbox at the bottom. Set the file type to it to Text Files.

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Once you have selected the text file to import, click on the Insert Word Processingbutton. The file will be imported into your new document.

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Watch this video tutorial on how to import text into a word processor document.


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