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Sometimes in a document you will want a new topic or section to start on a new page.

Your word process or will let you add Page Breaks to your document to help with the layout of your.  Adding page breaks can also make your work easier to read.

There are two types of breaks you can add to your document ...

  • Page breaks
  • Section breaks

A Section Breaks will let you apply different formats and layouts, headers and footers to part of a document.  They are also important to use if you need to add a content page at the start of your document.  You will learn about using section breaks an another tutorial.

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To add a page page break, click where you want to start a new page.  If you are starting a new page after a paragraph, it is good practice to press the Enter Key Word Processing once.

Word Processing

Click on the Insert tab at the top of the screen and find the Page Break command in the Pages group.

Click on the Page Break command.

Word Processing

A page break will be inserted into the document and you will be taken to the start of the new page.

Word Processing

The status bar at the bottom of the your screen will show you how many pages are in your document.

Word Processing


You can check where you have added page breaks into your document by clicking on the Hidden Characters command Word Processing.

Word Processing

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