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Sections Breaks are similar to Page Breaks.  The main use of a section break to to break the document into different sections.  You can then apply different formatting or layouts to each section.  You cannot do this with page breaks.

For example, you could use a section break to start a new chapter in a book (this would use a New Page Break) or to use columns in the middle of page (this would use a Continuous Break).

To add a section break in your document, scroll to where you want to add the break.  If you are adding the break after a paragraph it is good practice to press the Enter Key Word Processing once after the paragraph.

Word Processing

Click on the Layout tab at the top of the document and find the Breaks command (in the Page Setup group).

In the drop-down list of options, click on Next Page under the Section Breaks heading.

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A new page will be added to your document.

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You can check where a Section Break has been added to your document by clicking on the Hidden Character command Word Processing.

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