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It is good practice to add a Content Page at the start of a large document - like your project report.

The content page will include a list of all the different parts of your document (the chapters) and the page numbers for each chapter.  The reader can click on a chapter name and the document will jump to the start of the chapter for them.

In order to add a content page you will need to do the following in your document first ...

  • Add section breaks at the start of each chapter
  • Use the style heading 1 for the chapter titles
  • Add a content page into your document

Add Section Breaks

The first thing you need to do in your document is add Section Breaks at the start of each chapter.

If you have not worked through the tutorial on adding section breaks, click on the button below to complete that tutorial first.

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Using Heading 1 for Chapter Titles

Yow will now need to add a title (any maybe a chapter number) to each section of your document.

You will need to format the chapter titles using the Heading 1 style (or your own custom heading).

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If you have not completed the tutorial on using heading styles, click on the button below to complete that tutorial first.

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Adding a Content Page

The final thing to do is add your content page.

The content page will normally go at the start of your document and after the front cover for your document - so page two.

Add a Section Break after the front cover of your document.  On page two of the document type in a suitable heading like Content.

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Press the Enter Key Word Processing a few times.

At the bottom of your content page add a new Section Break  for page three of your document.  Page three should be the first chapter in your work.  Remember to use the style Heading 1 (or your own custom heading) for each chapter title and add a Section Break before each new chapter in the document.

Back on your Content Page, and with the cursor flashing just before the Section Break you added, click on the References tab on the menu and find the Table of Contents group.  

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Click the Table of Contents command and choose the content style you would like to use.

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