Creating Your Own Styles

LO5 :: To be able to select and present information in the development of the solution to meet an identified need
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Sometimes the default styles in your word processor don't give the kind of look and feel you want for your document.

You can easily add your own styles to your document and they will be listed in the Styles panel (on the Home tab) with all the other default styles.

Word Processing

In this tutorial you will have a go at setting up your own title style.

Highlight the title in your document and select the font style, size, color and other formatting you want to use.  Keep the text highlighted.

Word Processing

Word Processing

In the Styles panel, click the bottom arrow on the list of styles to show all the default styles for your document.

Select the item that says Create a Style.

Word Processing

Type a name for your style, for example MyNewStyle.  (Don't use spaces in your style name).  Click OK Word Processing and your style will be added to the list.

Word Processing


Now have a go at completing this practical activity.

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