Creating a Data Source

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Mail Merge is is a really useful word processing tool.  It allows you to take a list of data from a spreadsheet or a database and automatically include it in a document.

Businesses use Mail Merge to send letters and emails to lists of customers.

In this tutorial, you will have a go at creating a mailing list in a spreadsheet (called the Data Source) and merging it into a letter template in your word processor.  When you have completed your merge, you can print the results out.

The first thing you need to do is to create a list of names and addresses for our letter.  You will use this information to include in each letter.

Start by creating this list in a spreadsheet.

Word Processing

If you wanted to, you can download a csv list of names and addresses to import into your spreadsheet.


You will need to make sure you save your list of names and addresses to use with your letter.

Word Processing

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Creating a Mail Merge Letter  Creating a Mail Merge Letter

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