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A useful feature in a word processor is the ability to make comments and track your changes.

Comments allow you to add annotations to your work.  You might want to use these annotations to help your teacher understand your work, or you could add a comment about a piece of work you need to correct or complete.

Track Changes lets you keep a record of any changes made to the document.  You can then accept or reject these changes before submitting your final version of the document.

To make changes that others can see, click on the Review tab on the menu, find the Tracking group and click on the Track Changes command.

Word Processing

When you make a change to the document content, your word processor will highlight the changes with a red marker in the left hand margin.

Word Processing

To accept of reject the changes in the document you will need to show the Reviewing Panel.  On the Review tab, click the Reviewing Pane command.  You will need to decide if you want to see the reviewing pane horizontally or vertically.

Word Processing

In the Reviewing Pane, right-click on a change and select Accept Change or Reject Change.

Word Processing


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