Create a Data Source in a  Database

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You might have a database (created in Microsoft Access) containing names and addresses to use in a mail merge.  The names and addresses will be stored in a database table.

This tutorial will take you through the different steps in creating a list of names and addresses in a database.

If you are unsure of how to use databases, you can click on the link below and work through the different database tutorials.

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We will already assume you have created a database and just need to create your address table and enter the data.

Create a Database Table

Create a new table to store your names and addresses for the mail merge.  Save the table with an appropriate name.

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Add the Fields 

Click on the drop down arrow in the Click to Add box at the top of the table to add your first field.

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Add two Short Text fields called First Name and Surname.

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Now, let's add the address fields.  Add a new Number field called House Number and then three Short Text fields called Road Name, City and Post Code.

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Finally, add a Yes No field called Permission.  This field will be ticked if the customer would like to receive a letter or email.  This field is important for Data Protection.

You can click on the button below to complete the tutorial on Data Protection.

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Your database table should look something like this ...

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Add the Names and Addresses

Now you are ready to type in your name and address data.

Add the names and addresses for each customer.  For this practical tutorial, you could use the following list of names and addresses.

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Click on the blank box beneath the First Name field name.

Type in the data for this field.  Use the tab key Word Processing on the keyboard to move to the next field and enter the next piece of data.

Keep repeating the step above until all the data has been entered correctly.

You don't need to worry about saving all the time.  Most database software will save new data as it is entered into the database.

Your database table will look like this when you have added all the names and addresses.

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