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LO5 :: To be able to select and present information in the development of the solution to meet an identified need
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Hyperlinks are an important feature in word processors.  They allow you to integrate different pieces of software by creating a link in your document to another part of the same document or another file.

In your R013 project, you will need to use hyperlinks so your teacher can navigate between the different files and pieces of evidence you have created.

When you create a hyperlink in a document, it is important to remember to create a Relative Hyperlinks.  If you don't create a relative hyperlink when you copy or email your files to someone else, the links won't work!

Open the document which you are going to create the hyperlink in.  On the File menu tab, click Options.

Word Processing

Click Advanced Properties and then find the General options sections.

Click on the Web Options button Word Processing.
Click the Summary tab.
Click on the File tab and make sure the Update links on save option is selected.

Click OK Word Processing.

Word Processing

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