Embedding a Spreadsheet with an Image

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When you Embed an object into a document, it becomes part of the document.  

Linked Objects can be updated if the source file is modified. For example, if you link and embed a spreadsheet in a document, every time you update the spreadsheet it will automatically update in the document as well.


To embed a spreadsheet in a document, click on the Insert tab in your word processor.

In the Text group click the drop-down arrow for Object and Select Object.

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In the Object dialog box, select Create from File.

Choose Browse and select the spreadsheet file that you want to embed.

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An image of the last saved spreadsheet will be added to your document.  

You can resize the image to make is clearer to see.  If you click on the image you will be able to edit and use the spreadsheet (just like in your spreadsheet application), so make sure it is large enough for you to use easily.

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If you double click the image your spreadsheet application will open so you can view and edit the spreadsheet.  When you save the spreadsheet, the image in your document will be updated.

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