Linking to a Data Range in a Spreadsheet

LO5 :: To be able to select and present information in the development of the solution to meet an identified need
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If you need to show some specific data in a spreadsheet it might be better to to link to the cells that contain the data rather than the whole spreadsheet.

Open the document and the spreadsheet file together.  You might want to have both windows open side by side you your screen.

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In the spreadsheet file select the area to be linked and right-click and choose Copy.

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Now go to the document and select where you would like the data inserted.  Right-click then choose either of the Paste Link Word Processingoptions from the pop-up menu.

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When you change some of the data in the spreadsheet file, it will be automatically updated in the document at the same time.  You can also press F9 Word Processingto refresh your data at any time.


Now have a go at completing this practical activity.

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