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Reports are a really useful database tool.  They allow you to view, format and print information from your database tables and queries.

You can create a simple report of names, phone numbers and email addresses for all your contacts, print a list of names and addresses for a certain city, or print a list of order that have to be sent out today, this week or this month.

You can format the design of a report to include the name of the business, a logo, the business colours, the business contact details and a copyright statement.


To create a report you need to click on the Create tab and then the Report Wizard command.


You can create a report from a database table or a query.  In this example, we are going to cerate a report from a query that searches for all customers who live in Leicester.

Select the table or query you want to use for your report.


Select the fields you need to include in your report.  It is tempting to add all the fields, but think carefully about what fields you need to include. 

Use the Databases button to add each field one at a time or the Databases button to add all the fields in one go.

You can always use the Databases and Databases buttons to remove fields from the report.

In this example, we are creating a mailing list report for customers who live in Leicester.  We don't need to see the Customer ID number so we wont select it.


Click Databases.


Grouping Levels allow you to organise the information in your report under headings.  This is really useful if your report will include lots of information.

In our report, we will group all our customers by city.  Select the City field and click Databases.



Sorting the information in the report is also useful.  You might need to sort the information by name or post code.  Select how to sort the data and then click Databases.


Choose the best layout for your report.  Click Databases.


Give your report a useful name and then click Databases.


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