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Data Validation is used to check that the data being entered is reasonable and in the correct format.  Validation is not able to check if the data is accurate.

Here are the most common validation checks ...

Validation Check What it Does Example of when to Use
Presence Check Checks that data has been entered into a field Where first name has to be entered into the database
Length Check Checks that the data has the specified umber of characters, or not too many characters A telephone number must have 11 characters
Range Check Checks that the data entered is between two values Test score is between 1 and 10
Lookup Check Gives a list of values that can be entered Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms
Format Check Makes sure that the data is entered in the correct format 27-01-2020 for a date
Input Mask Controls how data can be entered into the field When a telephone number is entered, the area code must be entered first and must start with a 0


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