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This tutorial will show you how to use different validation rules in a database table.

Presence Check

Open the table in Design View, using the View command Databases.


Click on the field you want to add the Presence Check to.  In this example, we are adding a Presence Check to the First Name field.

In the properties list, find the option for Required.

Change the required option to Yes.


Length Check

To set a Length Check on a field (so you can set the maximum number of characters that can be entered), change the value in the Field Size property.  By default, the field size is 255.  You can change the field size to any value between 1 and 255.


Input Mask

You can create a Input Mask for phone numbers and post codes.  To add an Input Mask, select the Input Mask property for the field and click on the Databases button.


You might be asked to save your database table.  Click Yes to save your table.


Select the type of input mask you want to apply to the field and click the Databases button.

Finally, click Finish to apply the input mask.



Use your Employees database table to complete this task.

Add a presence check to the following fields ...

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Post Code
  • Email

Add an input mask to the post code field

Add a length check to the first name and surname fields.  Make the maximum length 20 characters.

Add a length check to the Address1 field.  Make the maximum length 5 characters.

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