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Select Queries can be used to select and display data that match a set of criteria.

For example, if you need the names and addresses of everyone who lives in Leicester, you can create a query that searches for city = Leicester and then selects all the names and addresses for people who live in Leicester.

To create a Select Query, click on the Create tab.  In the Queries group, click on Query Design.


You will need to device what database tables you need to use in your query.  

Select the table to want to use use and click Databases.

Click on the Database button when you have added the table.


Your query will look like this ...


Next, you need to add the different fields into your query.  Think carefully about this and only add the fields you need to use.  Double click on each field name to add it into your query.  Each field will appear at the bottom of the screen.


Click on the Run command Databases to run the query and see the results.  The query will select and display the data for the fields you selected.


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