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Command Buttons can be added to a form to allow your user to perform different tasks, such as ...

  • Add a new record
  • Delete a record
  • Find a record
  • Close the form
  • Quit the application

When you create a command button, you specify an action for it to carry out when it is clicked. 


To add a command button, open the form in Design View Databases ..

Click on the Design tab and then the Button command Databases .



There are lots of different commands you can add to your form ...

Record Navigation First Record Go to the first record
   Previous Record  Go to the previous record
   Next Record  Go to the next record
   Last Record  Go to the last record
   Find Record Find a record 
Record Operations  Delete Record Delete a record 

Add New Record Add a new record
Save Record Save changes to the record
 Form Operations  Close Form Close the form 
  Open Form  Open a Form 

Adding a New Command Button

To add a new command button, open the form in Design View Databases .Select the Design tab and then the Button command Databases .


Decide where you want the command button to go and draw the outline for it on the form.


In the Command Button Wizard, choose the type of command button you want to add (take a look at the table above).


Click on the Databases button and then Databases again.

Give your command button a meaningful name (command23 is not a meaningful name) and click Databases.

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