What Browser Should I Use?

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What BrowserThe following browser recommendations and settings will improve your experience using the it's Learning 365 Learning Gateway and Learning Library and will ensure access to the activities and tools available to you.


Browser Versions

For security reasons,  it's Learning 365 recommends updating browsers to the most recent version for your operating system.


Recommended Browsers and Versions

Recommended browsers for the best experience include:

  • Firefox, most recent version
  • Chrome, most recent version
  • Safari for OS X 10.7 or later
    (Safari 5 for OS 10.6.x and lower, see qualifications for "other browsers" below. Mac users may wish to use a different browser)
  • Internet Explorer 10


Other Browsers and Versions

The it's Learning 365 Portal will also operate on the browsers listed below, but with qualifications ...

  • Safari 5 (minimum version).  Only the most recent version of Safari, Safari 6 (OS 10.7 or later required), supports drag-and-drop uploads
  • Internet Explorer does not support drag-and-drop upload and may cause layout bugs.  On some pages I.E. 9 will not display the layout correctly unless the browser is operating in compatibility mode. To turn on compatibility mode in I.E. 9, in the tool bar, click the Compatibility Mode icon (to the right of address bar).  Compatibility Mode is enabled when the icon is shaded dark.


Note to Internet Explorer 8 users : Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 or use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.


Browser Settings

The following browser settings should be selected:

  • Enable Cookies
  • Enable Javascript

Note: Javascript is NOT the same as Java. The it's Learning 365 Portal does not require Java (read our Java Security Guide).   

Some devices such as Smartboards and certain tablet PCs with touch screen capabilities may exhibit problems with it's Learning 365's drag-and-drop features.  If you experience problems with such devices, you may wish to use a desktop computer when you need these features. You can also turn off Javascript in your browser (see below) and use the alternative interface instead of drag-and-drop. For more on it's Learning 365's drag-and-drop features, see our Drag and Drop Upload Guide.

Instructions for browser settings are available here ...

Note: In most browsers (not Safari), you can make an exception for it's Learning 365 if you don't want to use these settings for all websites.


Browser Add-ons

You may find it useful to install the following add-ons if your browser does not already have them:


1   A PDF Reader

To view PDF files, you need a PDF reader to be installed on your computer. A PDF browser plugin will let you view PDFs in a browser window without opening a separate program (optional).

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.  The download includes the browser plugin. To install this plugin, follow prompts. 

2    Apple Quicktime

Apple Quicktime provides easy access to multiple audio and video formats your instructors may post. Macintosh computers come with Quicktime already installed.

Note: Windows users should install Quicktime, there is a version for Microsoft Windows.

Download Quicktime at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

3    Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser will allow you to access Flash video and rich interactive media which may be posted by some instructors.

Download Adobe Flash Player http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Make sure you are running the most up to date version of Java - https://java.com/en/

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