Solo Taxonomy

Dividing Line

SOLOThe SOLO Taxonomy is a structure of observed learning outcomes.  It is useful in computer science lessons because it provides a simple, reliable and robust model for understanding …

  • Surface
  • Deep
  • Conceptual

Solo Taxonomy


At its first level the learner may only understand one point related to the topic – that binary data means 1s and 0s for example. 

The next two levels (Unstructured Understanding and Multistructural Understanding) mean that the learner is able to bring different information together.  At the Unstructured Level only one aspect of the task or learning is picked up and developed.  The learners understanding may be disconnected and limited.

The jump to Multistructural Understanding means that the learner can bring together several different aspects of the task and is beginning to understand the relationships between them.

The progression to Relational Understanding and Extended Abstract Understanding means that the learner can link and integrate all the different areas of understanding together and that they have a coherent understanding of the whole topic area.

At the Extended Abstract level, the learner is able to develop new understanding based on what they have learnt so far.

We have developed two exit strategies to use in your computer science lessons that are built on the idea of using the SOLO Taxonomy in your classroom.

SOLO Exit Pass

Solo Exit Pass
SOLO 5 Exit Pass

Solo Exit Pass

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