52 Revision Ideas

Dividing Line

Here are 52 simple computer science revision ideas for teachers and learners.


  1. See things from the learners’ point of view.  They have not sat any major exams before and may not know what to do and will appreciate any advice you can give them
  2. Many learners have not been taught how to revise. 
  3. Good revision is not completing loads of past papers.
  4. Good revision is a process with the final stage being learners who move from being dependent to being independent.
  5. Good revision means the teacher will increasingly do less and the learners’ will do increasingly more.
  6. Teach knowledge, skills and techniques.
  7. The best teachers may be other learners in the class.
  8. Literacy skills are key.
  9. Composition –> Planning -> Demonstration
  10. Discuss what you are going to write before your write it.
  11. Be realistic.  Encourage your learners to revise for no more than 25 minutes before taking a break.
  12. Teach the Pomodoro Technique.
  13. Speed dating revision time.
  14. Bring in older students.
  15. Create a chart, map or plan to show key ideas and knowledge.
  16. Create a time line of what you need to know by when.
  17. Use summary sheets for different topics.
  18. Traffic lights.
  19. Uses synthesis and summary skills – summarise a topic into one paragraph or 5 bullet points.
  20. Create mindmaps.
  21. Demonstrate how to solve different problems.
  22. Drip feed – what?  How?  Why?
  23. Appoint class mentors for different opics.
  24. Explain it to me as if I am 6!
  25. Explain the concept using a spider diagram.
  26. Explain the concept in three pictures.
  27. Use linked phrases.
  28. Create a hexagons mindmap.
  29. Steal ideas from other learners and put them in your Swag Bag.
  30. Play beat the teacher.
  31. Display key words and images around the classroom.
  32. Draw my brain.
  33. Fill in the gaps for model exam answers to reinforce the use of key terms.
  34. Create a revision blog.
  35. Memorise through visualising.
  36. Speed dating question time.
  37. Play MasterMind.
  38. Play Would I Lie to You?
  39. Brainstorm key ideas as a Do Now activity.
  40. Use Numbered Heads to answer exam style questions.
  41. Annotate an exam question.
  42. Peer mark an exam answer and give feedback.
  43. Play Splat!
  44. Play word association.
  45. Record a revision Podcast.
  46. Roll a Dice.
  47. Correct the teacher.
  48. We only truly know something when we can teach someone else.
  49. Teach the reading skills needed for your exam.
  50. Model a good answer on the board and ask learners to give you feedback.
  51. Teach learners who to write using PEEL Paragraphs.
  52. Flash cards.

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