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Tour of a Google Data Centre

Amazing Technology Developed by MIT

Bill Gates Interview

BBC Clip The Computer Program

Computer Animation in 1986

Commodore PET2001

Macintosh Portable - The First Laptop Computer?

Commodore 64 TV Advert 1982

Site Updates and Announcements
January 2022

UPDATED Year 8 Python programming project, including new mini website content and teaching resources.

November 2021

UPDATED CONTENT : Year 9 mini webpages and lesson plans on Algorithm Design

NEW CONTENT : New games added to Retro Game Club area


October 2021

NEW CONTENT : Year 9 Python tutorials mapped to GCSE Computer Science content
NEW CONTENT : Cambridge Nationals in Information Technologies LO4 Prevention Methods mini website, revision quiz, and exam-style questions
UPDATED CONTENT : Cambridge Nationals in Information Technologies LO4 Impact and consequences of a cyber security attack, including exam-style questions

September 2021

NEW CONTENT : Binary and Denary number activity added to the Data Representation Project, including a Binary Abacus game and lesson quiz.  

NEW CONTENT : Retro Game Club Resources


May 2021

UPDATED : Cambridge Nationals J808 LO3 Uses of Data and Information and LO4 Processing Data using Databases

April 2021

UPDATED : Big fix made to Opening and Closing Tags drag and drop activity
UPDATED : Homepage design  and course navigation
NEW CONTENT : Year 9 project covering Binary Addition, Fixed-Length Strings, Overflow, and Binary Shift
NEW CONTENT : Year 9 project covering real-world logic circuits, NAND Gates, NOR Gates, and Truth Tables

March 2021

NEW CONTENT : New Year 7 project theme of changing technology, including the pioneers of computer science, changes in mobile technology, and a virtual tour of the National Museum of Computing
UPDATED : Year 7 von Neumann Architecture project, including new mini website content, lesson plans, and learning activities.
UPDATED : Year 7/8 Small Basic project, including new lesson plans, updated mini website, revision games, and complete the code activities
UPDATED : Year 8 Logic Gates project, including new practical tasks, online assessments, revision games, and lesson quizzes.
BUG FIXES : Mini website questions so answers no longer need to be case sensitive.

February 2021

NEW CONTENT : Cambridge Nationals mini websites for LO6 Understanding Different Methods of Processing Data and Presenting Information.  Take a look here.
NEW : Cambridge Nationals mini website for LO7 : Be able to Select and Present Information in the Development of a Solution to meet an Identified Need using Presentation Software.  Take a look here.
UPDATED : Year 8 project IT's Logical including an introduction to logic gates, logic circuits, and truth tables.  Take a look here.
UPDATED : Year 7 project on How the Internet Works.  Click here to take a look.
UPDATED : Year 7 project on how the Internet and the World Wide Web Work, including new lesson activities and lesson PowerPoints
UPDATED : Year 8 project on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, including new lesson activities on Moore's Law and the Turing Test
NEW : Revision game modules added for word searches, crosswords, Millionaire, Snakes and Ladders, and Space Invaders
NEW CONTENT : Revision quiz module added
NEW CONTENT : Year 9 project on Binary Logic and Logic Circuits.  Take a look here.

January 2021

UPDATED : Year 7 e-safety unit on Mobile Apps.  New unplugged activities added, plus lessons on managing mobile phone safety and using social media apps.  Click here to take a look.
UPDATED : Year 7 E-Safety unit on Mobile Apps.  New revision activities added on age and content ratings for apps.  Click here to take a look.
UPDATED : Site services and plugins for Microsoft 365 Integration, user authentication, course enrollment without a user name, text filters, exam-style questions module, code runner plugin, and course games
NEW CONTENT : New course revision game Stash added.