Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1990

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The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1990 makes it illegal to copy a work without the permission of the owner or copyright holder.  It is also illegal to make unauthorised copies of software, music, videos, text and images.

People and business that break this law risk having to pay a large fine.

Copyright law lasts for many years after the initial publication of work but only gives limited protection to the person who has created it.  A problem with this law is that it is difficult to trace who has copied a piece of work, especially with computer software, images and other digital data. 

Three common ways in which the law is most commonly broken include ...

  • Using software without correct software licence, for example a licence is valid for three office computers and the business installs it on more five in total.  
  • Downloading files from the internet without permission or the name of the copyright holder should be acknowledged.
  • Copying music, DVDs, CDs and software, for example you can not share mp3 files from a CD you have burned. 

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