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Check your understanding of threat to data by answering these exam style questions ...

  1. Identify the type of malware that is a standalone malicious program designed to allow its creator to gain full control of an infected computer.

  2. Trojan horse.

  3. How does a botnet take control of a computer system?

  4. Bot malware infects several computer systems. This allows the botnet to take control of them.

  5. What is adware?

  6. It is advertising-supported software that automatically shows adverts such as pop-ups.

  7. How can shoulder surfing be used to find out somebody’s PIN number at a cash machine?

  8. A person stands very close to someone using the cash machine. They can see the PIN number as it is being input into the cash machine.

  9. What is grey hat hacking?

  10. A hacker hacks into a computer system for fun or to troll but does not have any malicious intent. If they find a weakness they may offer to fix it for a fee. Grey hat hackers can also manipulate the rankings of websites when a search is performed on a search engine.

  11. How does a distributed denial of service attack prevent a website from functioning correctly?

  12. The attacker floods the website with useless traffic to overload it.

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