Impact of a Cyber Security Attack

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Every cyber-security attack has a negative.  These may be to a business, or individuals, or both.

The main impacts of a cybersecurity attack include ...

  • Denial of service (DoS) to authorised users
  • Identify theft
  • Data destruction
  • Data manipulation
  • Data modification
  • Data theft

Denial of Service (DoS)

A DoS attack on a website has an impact on authorised users.  They may be unable to access the website while it is under attack or when the when the attack has finished.

Identity theft

Identity theft is when personal details are stolen during a cyber-security attack.  The details are then used to make a copy of a person, usually for illegal activity like a passport being issued or applying for a credit card.

Identity fraud could also occur.  This is when the stolen details are used to commit fraud, such as taking a loan out in someone else's name.

Data Destruction

A cyber attack can take place on stored data.  During the attack, the data could be ...

  • Destroyed - This is when data is deliberately destroyed so the data no longer exists.
  • Manipulated - This is when the data is deliberately modified.  This type of cybersecurity attack is normally discovered very quickly.
  • Modified - This is similar to data manipulation where the data is deliberately changed.
  • Stolen - This is where data is stolen by the cyber-criminal.


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